I committed to a Blog-Through-The-Bible project; so though I've kept up reading diligently (Michelle), I haven't written anything about what I'm learning thus far. And I'm really loving the reading! (even if I can't pronounce all the names).

This is one reason I'm thinking of creating an entirely new blog. This one was created for "this and that". And it was created under my OLD sign-in name; which I'm not crazy about and don't particularly want to use anymore. And of course google won't let me sign in with my new name and gmail address to Observations from the Ether....Yes, of course it would be easiest to just change the sign-in name/email etc, on the My Account page of this, well, this Account. But Google won't let me. Or you for that matter. :)  So I guess it's not a huge deal to start a new one, except it takes energy I don't seem to have. [And I HAVE found reading those chapters of the Word are the ONLY way to start the day].

I don't know! I know nobody reads this one. But am thinking if I do my Bible blogging here, and do it halfway decently, maybe I'll have some regular readers by the end of the year.

Or is it one of those, "I'll do it as soon as I finish________________." I do have a couple of huge, future-affecting projects to get done; along with the minutia that is day-to-day life.

OH, and did I mention that 7 months ago my husband was involved in a life-changing motorcycle vs car accident that left him in the severe-range of the traumatic brain injured???  And did I mention he needs a rigid structure to get thru even an hour of his days? And did I mention our only on-going therapy is the weekly call from our neuro-psychologist we had to leave in Denver?
Unless you think I'm feeling sorry for myself, I'm definitely NOT. I'm just SO flippin' busy; and I'm trying to take some time for what "they" call "self-care". 
PART of self-care is doing something strictly for yourself. Which seems selfish, or did to me, until I started crying throughout the days for no apparent reasons. Then I thought, "OH! THAT'S what they are talking about!"

So, this blog or a new blog? What to do? I really don't like the nenya71 login at all; and want to switch everything to amymfy@gmail.com - except business stuff, which stays at afry@.....

Thursday, January 13, 2011

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