Twenty Two Days and counting. On Friday, January 22, my daughter-in-law began early labor. She was 7 weeks early but with no neonatal care unit at their hospital, it was crucial she be quiet and rest as much as possible to keep our new granddaughter inside for at least 3 more weeks. My son called that afternoon and asked if I could come. 8 hours east, by train or car; into western North Dakota.
Thankfully, I was able to come. I had to give up going to AZ with my husband for my mother-in-law's funeral, for which he was going to perform the service. That made me sad.
So, on Monday the 25th of Jan., he drove me to the train, kissed me goodbye, and eastward bound I went. (By the way, the train kept breaking down and the trip took 11 1/2 hours; but as I had an entire car to myself the whole trip, it was truly no big deal!)
In 1998, when my father was dying, down in Tucson, AZ, I was away from my husband and children for 20 days.
Today marks 22 days I've been away from my husband. The longest time period apart in 28 years. Yes, I'm with one of my kids; and his 21 month old, and his 4 & 6 yr old step-kids, but I miss my partner. I miss my husband. I miss my man.
Of course, now it's safe for baby girl to come out and meet us, all signs of labor have stopped, even tho things were 3 minutes apart on Sunday night/Monday morning and we truly thought Feb 15 would be baby-day.
I am truly blessed to have been able to come and to stay for as long as I have and may still have to. Not every grandma would be able to just pick up and go like I was able to.
Blessings are hidden in the most mundane, most chaotic, most exhausted moments in the unusual days I've been having. And they are beautiful. Thank You, Jesus. For this opportunity.
Amy - February 16, 2010

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