I was WRONG! And in this instance I LOVE being wrong! Miss Isabelle has let her very sore and swollen cheek slow her down not one iota. She was drinking juice 3 minutes after she woke up; eating crackers about 5 minutes after that. It is sore, and @ about 3.5 hours, we can tell she's starting to hurt, so every 4 hrs. she's getting the tylenol with codeine. THAT hasn't slowed her down at all either! So in 6 weeks when they come again for the next 10, that's right TEN shots in her cheek, they'll know the little dynamo will snap out of it quickly, and their fear factor is now completely down. Praise Jesus for this tough little miracle child.

Amy July 30, 2009

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    Tim said...

    Hello Grandma - Was pleased to speak with Richard the other day. He advised that Isabelle was still fairing well. Praise be to God! Now that I found your blog I'll check back frequently for updates. I still don't know how this blog thing works. Don't even know if you will know that I've sent this.

  1. ... on December 15, 2009 at 10:36 PM