Ok. Follow me here. This is goofy. About 2 weeks ago, my mom went online to a certain well-known store (with a Red Bullseye logo) and purchased ONE Hamilton-Beach Red & Chrome Coffee Maker for me for my birthday. When she got it, there were 2 boxes with THREE HB Red & Chrome Coffee Makers. ONE packing slip/ONE order number. The store had sent her three identical coffee makers.

Wanting to do the right thing, she called the 'Red Bullseye' store and explained they had goofed and sent her 2 extra coffee makers that she wasn't charged for. It took her about a half an hour on the phone with them before they understood she was trying to give back something she'd gotten for FREE by mistake. I guess people don't DO the right thing as a rule!

The store said they would send her empty boxes and pre-paid UPS Shipping Labels to return the coffee makers. So a few days later, John, our UPS guy came, and they boxed up the coffee makers and he took them off in the truck. TODAY, my mother got an email. The email thanked her for returning the coffee maker (SINGULAR), and it said they were going to credit her account in the amount of $..... what she'd paid in the first place for the ONE coffee maker!!!!!!!!! She just called me with this incredibly silly news and we laughed - a lot. She said "I was just trying to do the right thing!" and I told her, "Mom, God has blessed you with one FREE coffee maker for doing the right thing!"
She's afraid to call them and try to explain THIS to them, so it's just going to stay the way it is.

So she asked me what ELSE I wanted for my birthday next month. H'mmm. Have to think of something good! And sometimes, when you do the right thing, you get a free, red coffee maker.

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