Fear is Not of God! Fear is the Opposite of Faith! I must remember these things, now and always. I am in a waiting period. Waiting for another test next Monday the 17th, to determine if a "procedure" will be necessary, which will then determine whether more extensive medical treatment is indicated. This is a time of waiting, of testing my patience. I feel like I'm failing this test! A) I don't want to wait. I want to go in for the next test tomorrow; B) I want to know now. I don't want to wait till Monday to see if something bad is growing inside of me.
There are dozens, perhaps hundreds of Bible verses I could list here that would be pertinent to my situation; to a lot of people's situations. But if anyone is reading this, chances are they already know those verses, as do I, so I won' t list them. I know them so I must bring them to the forefront of my brain, perhaps journal (on paper) a bit, perhaps read a funny book for some distraction. Maybe a lot of funny books!
However the Lord wants this to work out, that is how it will work out. And I will praise Him and Love Him because He has not left me, He's right here with me. He has been for a long time and will be for eternity.

Amy August 12, 2009

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